Thursday, March 15, 2012

Macros in Vi:-

Macros in VI editor are very handy when it comes to quick modifications to a givenin a repititive fashion. Imagine you have a file which has a word "Loading" at the begining of every line in your fileand you want to move this word "Loading" to the end of each line in the file.
Then you can use 'map' command to create macros to get this done quick/smart way.In the VI command line just use

: map z /Loading^M^[yw$^[p

The above macro searches for "Loading" and then copies that word(yw) and goes to end of the line ($) and paste the word there using 'p' command and once the macro 'z' is created you can simply use this as a command in normal mode of the VI and each 'z' command will do this for a line.
To carry out this repetitively for n number of lines another macro called "rep' can be created

:map rep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

To execute macro for only the 'n'th line

: map ten 10z

More VI tricks next time...until then enjoy this VI trick

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