Thursday, December 6, 2012

UVM Questions -2

Q. How to Create a scoreboard with add_item() , check_item() functions using UVM ?
A:  You need to first declare a class for the Scoreboard

    class scoreboard extends uvm_scoreboard;

Now you actually need two TLM ports one for the add_item() and another for check_item(). however UVM by default allows only one port per UVM 'component'. In order to have more ports you have to tell the factory in the following way, outside the class declaration.

UVM allows more than one imp ports to be declared which will not affect source of the analysis ports. Declaring two Analysis imp ports; one for the expected transaction and another for actual transaction

// In ocp imp port for the expected transaction (add_item())

// Out ocp imp port for the actual transaction( check_item())

Now you delcare these UVM analysis ports with the above extesions respectively.

   // Internally SCBD_ADD looks for the write_add_item() function
   uvm_analysis_imp_add_item#(transaction, scoreboard) SCBD_ADD;
   // Internally SCBD_CHECK looks for the write_check_item() function
   uvm_analysis_imp_check_item#(transaction, scoreboard) SCBD_CHECK;

where transaction is a 'uvm_transaction' and scoreboard is 'uvm_scoreboard'.

Now,  you need to create seperate constructors for the above imp ports

   function new(string name, uvm_component parent = null);, parent);
       SCBD_ADD  = new("SCBD_ADD", this);
       SCBD_CHECK = new("SCBD_CHECK",this);

 In order to implement the 'write()' functions of the producer of transaction i.e Monitor, we need the following functions in the scoreboard which is the consumer of the 'transaction'

   function void write_add_item( transaction t1);
       // Implement adding of the items to scoreoboard here

   function void write_check_item( transaction t2);

      // Implement checking of items against the expected
      // remove the expected item if match PASSES otherwise
      // fire an error

In reality,  UVM analysis port SCBD_ADD would get connected to the Monitor on 'Generator' which is giving expected data and SCBD_CHECK would get connected to the Collector which is providing actual data.

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